2 Power Plants = Alot Of Crypto For You!!!

+50 Billion Dollar Companies With Top Industry Leaders(see 23:04 minute mark in below video) Are Interested In This Project - Are You? $$$$$$$$$$ 

Did you know that as the bitcoin mining difficulty increases, more and more power is needed to solve the crypto puzzles?

 There could come a time when it's too expensive to mine! But, 4New solves that problem and another of the UK running out of landfill sites for domestic waste.

It owns three UK waste to electricity power stations(two already running) - 40 Megawatts in total. All are run at break even or at a slight profit. Effectively turning waste to crypto for FREE!

 Global patent pending to protect revolutionary electricity global transfer system that enables distribution of power to future worldwide network!!!

Plans for 19 more power plants within 5 years!!
Their coin called KWATT, is currently on sale at ICO stage. They each represent 1 KW of power, that increases with each new power plant!